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11/7/11 07:39 am

Peace <3

12/5/08 05:19 pm

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAVXjzNu-Yg .....love it

5/30/08 12:46 pm

i hate waking up drunk
i had a dream i was buying two halves of a poppy bagel with red jam and i couldnt get all my euro change out because it fell down my shirt and i was having a breakdown
last night we went to old oak and the dj kept being like LETS HEAR IT FOR THE AMERICANS GOING HOME ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!
it was really really nice

3/1/08 01:54 pm

It's a beautiful day in Ireland!

5/18/07 08:41 pm

you are no longer on my friends list
because i deleted everyone
therefore, you cannot read my journal
so youll have to comment here to be able to!!

12/21/05 11:23 am

i deleted everyone from my friends list.
'cuz i need to know who reads this.
so just comment if i know you and you want to be on my list.

9/2/05 10:38 am

i just want to let everyone from new jersey know i'm thinking of them and i love them. and i think a lot of you are going to be home this weekend and i won't be there and i'll miss you guys.

8/30/05 12:15 am

i can't remember when i've ever laughed as hard as i did tonight.

8/25/05 11:30 pm

my first day really couldn't have gone any better.

8/24/05 10:47 pm

i leave tomorrow.
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